About Our Products

Hey there, we're Outdoor Furniture El Segundo by Steven. Your #1 supply for modern / contemporary modular rattan /wicker outdoor deck sets. 

Patio by Steven Hoang

Hey, I'm Steven.

   We just started my our website as of 4/19/2022, sold since 2012 in my hometown Los Angeles and all over the US.

Not traditional, but personal

   Outdoor Furniture El Segundo doesn't conform to anyone else's notion of value and tradition. It is a one person's idea and one person vision. With these products, I'm telling you mine.

Our products don't look like anything else because it was made better over years selling in America

What we value

Quality, thoughtful quality that make sense for you.

The real real, our PE resin wicker can withstand all weather so can be left outdoor without worrying

So many sold, I've lost count - 32+ 5 Stars Reviews